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You have invested in that extra level of security for your vehicle, transponder keys and now they have stopped working, and at the most inopportune moment, on your way to work. What do you do? Call Locksmith Placerville CA, as we can replace it for you quickly, efficiently and affordable. The car won’t start unless the transponder key verifies the serial number. So if this stops working in your key, your car doesn’t turn on contact us quickly; we will have your key replaced very quickly.

Installed Window Gates to Improve Home or Business Security

Recently more and more owners have started to install window gates to improve home or business security. Locksmith in Placerville CA offers a wide selection of stylish designs that are custom fitted to meet your needs, and security plan. The simple and low-tech devices deter and help prevent forced entry into a building or residence. Window gates can help protect your young children from falling out of the window as well. Hence, contact us at 916-550-9559, and speak with our locksmiths; let us put your mind at ease with one of our stylish and economical window gates.

Magnetic Locks Are Versatile and Can Be Used Anywhere

Magnetic locks are versatile and can be used just about anywhere and for just about anything. They come in a variety of sizes and pounds, and we at Placerville CA Locksmith carry a wide range of them. You can install these locks on cabinets, doors, gates, medicine cabinets, and more, depending on your needs. They also come in many looks and finishes as well, and work well for access control also. So, get information and pricing on magnetic locks from our locksmiths.

Ensure That Your New Locks Installation Is Correctly Set Up – Call Placerville CA Locksmith

When you move into a new location it is important to ensure that a new locks installation is correctly set up, otherwise it is a security hazard. Placerville CA Locksmith has many master locksmiths that are available to install your door locks and deadbolts to your new establishment quickly, efficiently and in a manner that will have them secure, and deter intruders from forced entry. Moreover, our locksmiths are highly trained and skilled at installing all types of different locks. Contact us when you are ready to have your new locks installed; we will be there to install them very quickly.

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