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Peephole is a small hole but installing a peephole is not a small job. In general, the smaller an area you work on, the greater accuracy you need. Peephole installation is a common job but the job is not always done well. Because this is perceived to be an easy job, people make the mistake of entrusting this to anyone without checking his competence. The result can be badly positioned peepholes which will not only look bad but also be inconvenient to use. For a perfect installation of your peepholes, contact Cody the Loc Doc and you will be happy with your peepholes.

Re-keying – a difficult job that only the skilled can do

How difficult a job is re-keying? People who have knowledge about the intricacies of the mechanism of a lock will know how complex the job is. When you re-key a lock, you are altering the settings crated by the manufacturer. Any mistake in doing the job will result in the lock becoming useless making you regret your decision to have gone for re-keying. Another problem can be that even if the re-keying is successful, the new keys may not be perfect. You can avoid these risks by getting the re-keying done by Cody the Loc Doc Our experience will make us do a perfect job.

Want your safes and vaults opened? Consider the risks

Are you aware of the risks involved in opening a safe without a key? Since safes are made difficult to be opened without a key, this task becomes very difficult. Only people with a good skill combined with a long experience can get your safes and vaults opened without causing any damage. If this job is done by less skilled people, it may lead to severe damage to the lock or the door. Sometimes, the contents may also be damaged if any heavy or sharp instrument is used. To eliminate these risks, get these jobs done by Cody the Loc Doc, the proven experts.
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The problem with any system is that it will be only as good as you can make it. When you invest in security systems, you expect them to deliver value to you. If they don’t deliver value or develop problems, you need the guidance of an expert to fix them. Cody the Loc Doc will help you with all the problems with your security systems. With our expertise, we will identify the causes for the problems and suggest solutions to overcome the problems. We can make the security systems work for you by making small adjustments in them. Call us at 916-550-9559.
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