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Willow Creek Locksmith

Cody the Loc Doc Willow Creek offers highly refined, master key systems that are best suited to high range of commercial properties like offices, banks, utility stores, hotels and multistoried buildings. We also provide installation services for our reliable security systems. Using our testing procedures, our technical staff makes sure that all sensors attached to system works efficiently. We also offer yearly maintenance contract to all the buyers at discount rates. For more details and technical help, call Locksmith Willow Creek technical support service. Our toll free number is 916-248-4314. For information as well as for more detail, you can log on to our website.

Peephole installation at correct height and angle by locksmith in Willow Creek

It is important to install a peephole at the correct height and angle so that children and people with short height can see through. Cody the Loc Doc Locksmith in Sacramento CA and in Willow Creek can suggest you a type of peephole to buy for your door. For suggestion, our representative can pay you free visit and a catalog with more than hundreds of designs and shapes. We have the peepholes, which have lenses controlled by electronic circuits. We have very low charges for peephole installation. If you are planning to install a new peephole on your door, do not try anyone inexperienced. Call us and our expert will reach you in no time.

Vaults and safes unlocked by locksmith Willow Creek

Have you forgotten the combination key to open the safe? Perhaps we can help you open the safe. We have many safes unlocked just because the owner has forgotten the combination key. For your problem to a resolved call Cody the Loc Doc Willow Creek and we will be available at your service. We have skilled workers to help you open your safes. We have digital detectors for finding the combination keys. We will help you open the safe so you can reset the combination key. The charges for this task is not higher than other service providers but still competitive. Call us on our landline number and ask for emergency help.
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The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Locksmith services for installation of digital locks on window gates

We are supplying the best service of window gates and offer low cost installation services. We recommend installation of digital locks on the gate with an attached security alarm. Our company locksmith is an expert in the installation of locks and window gate as well. To understand your requirement for window gates we need to visit the spot to analyze the dimensions and your security requirements. We have several designs and shapes of locks and window gates. For free catalog you can visit our website and for more information, visit us directly at display shop or call our representative at our toll free number to visit you.
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