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Are you experiencing a lockout? No Problem, Call Locksmiths Sacramento for our Car Lockout Services! When a car lockout happens it’s not fun, you may be in a hurry for a meeting or a family affair that is really important. Trying to unlock the door by yourself can cause damage to the vehicle that is often not insured by your insurance company. Calling us will ensure that your vehicle isn’t damaged and that your back in your vehicle quickly and on your way to your destination. When you have a vehicle lockout contact us immediately and we’ll promptly unlock your car.

Mobile Home Locks Will Give You Better Security

Mobile Home Locks Will Give You Better Security than a regular door lock when you live in a mobile home, the main reason it that they are made specifically for mobile homes. Locksmiths Sacramento carries the door locks that fit door thickness 1-3/8 inch to 1-3/4 inches which is thinner than regular house doors, and thereby needs more security. These locks are specifically made for these doors and come in all styles and sizes for the best security for the mobile home. Contact us at 916-550-9559 when you need locks for your mobile home and we will help you find one.

Padlocks Are the Portable Locks for Your Everyday Needs

Padlocks have been around since the Roman era, they lock up everything you want to keep safe as well as keep intruders out, they are the portable locks that you can use every day for anything you need to lock up. Locksmiths Sacramento stocks the finest padlocks in the USA and our master locksmiths are well trained and skilled in understanding the world of padlocks. Contacting Cody the Lock Doc Locksmith about your padlock situation and one of our locksmiths will gladly discuss and advise you on which padlock meets your needs. We carry many styles and sizes of padlocks from combination, key and more.
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Peephole Installation Gives a Home Greater Security

When you want greater security at home Peephole Installation, is a great start as it will tell you who is on the other side of the door without having to open it. There are many different types of peepholes and door viewers and Locksmiths Sacramento carries and can install many of them for you. Some peepholes allow the owner to see out but not allow the visitor to see in. Peepholes have evolved as technology as evolved as well. Contact us to speak with our locksmith about your security needs and we can suggest which peephole would be best for you.
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