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Repairing certain locks is a delicate job that will require extra skills and care in handling because of the nature of these locks. Patio door locks come under this category. Patio door locks come in various types and sizes. Each type has got its own structure and mechanism. You also have accessories like handles, door closers etc used on patio doors. Their slender structure and fine mechanism make patio locks vulnerable to damage, if not handled properly. You will be wise to have your patio door locks taken care of by Cody the Loc Doc in Citrus Heights CA who knows how to handle these delicate locks.

Like your keys getting radio-dispatched?

You will not say no to a service that uses technology to increase the speed of delivery. When you call Cody the Loc Doc Locksmith Citrus Heights CA for any problem with your locks or keys, we will attend to your calls with alacrity. You will find our expert locksmiths arriving at your place to attend to the problem. But what if the problem can’t be fixed on the spot but requires some machining that can be done only at our workshop? We have a solution for expediting the process. We send the locks to our mobile workshops and get them radio-dispatched to you after getting them repaired.

What is the safest way to remove broken keys?

Removing broken keys from locks is a challenge. When you engage a locksmith to remove the broken part of a key from the lock where it has got stuck, you have to keep your fingers crossed. If the locksmith is skilled, he will remove the key without damaging the lock in any way. If not, he won’t be able to remove the key. Sometimes, the lock may be damaged in the process. The safest way to remove broken keys is to get the job done by an expert like Cody the Loc Doc in Citrus Heights CA who has the best skills for doing the job.
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Can you get your safes unlocked without breaking them?

If a need arises for opening a safe without using the key, you have to think twice before taking any action. Breaking the safe open is an option but it will make the safe useless, forcing you to buy another safe. An alternative to this expensive proposition is to get your safes unlocked without the need to break the locks. But you can’t be sure of this job being done properly unless you seek the services of people with a track record of doing these jobs successfully. You will find that Cody the Loc Doc in Citrus Heights CA has the most creditable track record.. Call us at 916-550-9559.

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