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Many people will be ready to get your keys copied. Making duplicate keys is almost a household business. If everyone can do a job, it should be a simple job. But making key copies is not simple. Keys copied should match with the original perfectly. Copies that don’t have a perfect match may open the locks but won’t work smoothly. This means that every time these keys are used, the lock is getting progressively weaker till it gets damaged beyond use. To protect your locks, use the services of Cody the Loc Doc Locksmith in Carmichael CA who will make key copies that will match perfectly with the original.

Getting locks re-keyed – A high precision job

Re-keying a lock is done only on rare occasions. The need for a lock to be re-keyed will arise only if the original keys are considered unusable. This happens when the security of a lock is compromised with the loss of one or more keys. Since there is a risk of one of the missing keys used by unscrupulous people to open your lock, getting your locks re-keyed is to be considered in the interests of security. But re-keying is a high precision job that can be done only by people like Cody the Loc Doc Carmichael CA Locksmith with a lot of experience doing this.

Want to implement a master key system? Understand the implications & call Locksmith in Carmichael CA

Can there be problems with a master key system? You will never know unless you go for such a system. Many people have realized that there can be serious implications if a master key system is implemented without understanding the system fully. Any system will have some benefits and pitfalls. Unless you know what the pitfalls can be and prepare yourself to face them; it is not wise to implement the system. Cody the Loc Doc Carmichael Locksmith CA will guide you in implementing a master key system. Our guidance will cover all aspects starting from planning and designing the system to implementing it in a systematic way.

New locks installation – How important is this?

If you assume that because you have bought a new lock after checking its quality it will work well, you may be wrong. Buying new locks is only half the job. The other half is installing them properly. Only when the locks are installed the right way, you can be confident of the locks serving you well for a long time. The importance of new locks installation is not understood by many people. To ensure that you get the best value for the new locks you have bought; get these locks installed by Cody the Loc Doc in Carmichael CA . Call us at 916-550-9559.

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