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Locksmith Galt CA

We not only provide services for your security system but also specialize in repairing spare parts and deadbolts for all brands of security systems. Cody the Loc Doc in Galt, CA, is a well-known supplier of these parts, earning the confidence of major brands in locksmith services. Our facility is fully equipped with high-quality lathe machines, grinders, cutters, levelers, and more. Our repairing department guarantees timely service to our customers. You can contact us through emails or by calling our toll-free landline number at 916-248-4314. The name Cody the Loc Doc is synonymous with excellence in repairing and installing deadbolts and spare parts.

Locksmith in Galt CA: The service provider for high quality gun locks

Not everyone possesses the expertise to handle gun locks, as installing them is not an easy task; it requires responsibility. The locksmith services in Galt, CA, have a dedicated team for installing and repairing locks for weapons. Highly trained smiths work in the workshop with full awareness of the pros, cons, and functioning of the locks. Strict testing procedures are followed to maintain reliability and uphold top-quality standards throughout the market. We use tested and approved materials for repairing gun locks. The demand for our high-quality gun lock installation is increasing as we continue to satisfy our customers. Cody the Loc Doc Locksmith in Galt, CA, is the go-to service provider for high-quality gun locks.

Locksmith Galt CA provides the service for the ignition switch keys

We have established a strong reputation as service providers, earning the trust of many prominent companies worldwide. Our excellence in installing durable ignition switch keys for top-quality generators is a source of pride for Cody the Loc Doc in Galt, CA. Our skilled team members contribute to our success graph, which is growing day by day. We take pride in our hardworking and active workforce. If you encounter any issues with your ignition switch keys, don’t worry. Simply dial our number at 916-248-4314 or leave a message on our phone. Our proactive team members will take prompt action and reach your doorstep within minutes.

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The staff is highly skilled and reliable


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professional support throughout


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Is it embarrassing you to get the Keys copied and calling locksmiths again and again?

Losing keys multiple times can be frustrating, but there’s a solution to ensure you won’t face the same issue again. The digital locking system is the perfect solution for your home. With this system, you won’t need keys to operate the lock, eliminating the risk of losing them. The digital locking system features a dial pad on the console, allowing you to set a security password to open or close the lock. While the lock may be a bit more expensive upfront, it is a cost-effective solution compared to repeatedly replacing lost keys. For free catalogs, visit our website, fill out the online form, and submit it.

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