Locksmith Dixon CA

High-quality padlocks define our identity in the security and lock industry. We initiated our business with a focus on providing the finest padlocks to the market. Our inventory includes padlocks in various shapes and sizes, catering to diverse uses. The demand for our padlocks extends beyond car lock systems, reaching homes and offices as well. We consistently maintain the quality of our service, and Cody the Loc Doc in Dixon, CA, is renowned for its reputation as a service provider.

To explore different designs and shapes, visit our website. If you wish to receive free catalogs, simply dial our toll-free number at 916-248-4314.

The radio-dispatched security system by locksmith in Dixon CA

Cody the Loc Doc in Dixon, CA, is a sought-after choice for many security companies seeking the latest and reliable radio-dispatched security systems. Our system boasts a proven track record for accuracy, and we ensure its quality and performance through thorough testing. The system encompasses various sensors for doors, windows, and main gates, all highly sensitive to detect any security issues.

In addition to wired sensors, we offer wireless sensors that transmit signals to the monitors of security agencies upon detection. Our services also include the installation of the system at any location. The system we provide comes with a one-year replacement warranty and ongoing service support.

Locksmith Dixon CA challenge, if safes and vaults opened by anonymous identity

Cody the Loc Doc in Dixon, CA, proudly asserts that no one can provide a service like ours when it comes to opening safes and vaults. Opening safes and vaults forcefully can trigger security seals, setting off alarms for immediate security alerts. We specialize in scanning the devices installed in the most recent safes and vaults. These devices often require fingerprint authorization for unlocking. Additionally, the keypad allows for dual security functions. First, you can set the desired level of security, and second, you can establish a password as a secondary security measure. Therefore, we challenge any locksmith to open safes and vaults by an anonymous identity.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Training for locksmiths on how to use or repair transponder Key

The ever-evolving technology landscape introduces new featured products consistently. One of the latest innovations is the Transponder Key, gaining popularity as a security gadget for locking systems. This key incorporates an electronic programmable chip that sends signals to the car’s engine through the ignition switch to initiate the starting process. If you encounter any issues with your transponder key, worry not and call the auto locksmith in Sacramento. Our company provides extensive training to our workers to comprehend problems associated with the electronics of automobiles. Rest assured, as our trained professionals are the best individuals to address and resolve your concerns. We also offer expert training for locksmiths on how to use or repair transponder keys!

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