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Have you identified that the front door lock has attained some damage overnight? It could be a possible break-in scenario. Your front door lock saved you this time but might not be able to do the same next time. A damaged front door lock is a loophole when it comes to house safety. Immediately hire Cody the Loc Doc Citrus Heights CA Locksmith break-in repairs service. We analyze the lock condition and recommend the solution. The solution could be to provide repairs or replace the lock. We analyze your entire house’s security conditions in order to recommend the perfect solution for your betterment.

Locksmith in Citrus Heights Dead-Bolts Are Perfect To Use In Offices

You cannot use ordinary door locks in office rooms. There are special locks designed to meet the requirements of the office environment. Cody the Loc Doc Locksmith in Citrus Heights CA dead-bolts provide fine security and privacy conditions in the professional environment of an office building. Deadbolts are mostly used for internal doors which is why they are perfect for office rooms. Knob or keyhole deadbolts are available. We also offer unique deadbolts with both, knob and keyhole. It has a keyhole on the outside and a knob on the inside.

Locksmith Citrus Heights CA Homes Unlocked Services Deal With a Wide Range Of Scenarios

Every locksmith provides home unlocking services. However, Cody the Loc Doc Citrus Heights CA house unlocking services are a bit different from other technicians. We cover every possible scenario in the home unlocked services. From front door lock issues to security system functioning issues, all are solved by our specialists. Our mission is to completely diminish the lock and safety issues faced by our customers at home. So, you can hire our home unlocked service by calling us at 916-248-4314.

Our Locksmiths Lockout Services Are Highly Reliable

We know how frustrating it is to stand outside your car while not being able to unlock it and get going. Being a locksmith,  Cody the Loc Doc considers it our utmost duty to help you get going with your plans at the earliest. Due to this, we have designed our special lockout services. We use radio-dispatched vans to cater to customers who hire our lockout services. The best part is that our lockout services deal with both scenarios, home, and car lockout. Don’t get frustrated, just hire our services and rely on us while we take care of your lockout situation.

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