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24/7 service – Check whether it is real

A 24/7 service offered only in its name serves no purpose. If you call someone offering a 24/7 service and if you get an automatic message asking you to record your call, such service has no value. When we at Cody the Loc Doc in Rancho Cordova CA decided to offer this service, we wanted to make it real and effective. When you call us, there will be someone to listen to you and respond to your message. We also have people who would rush to your place at any time of the day and fix your pressing problem. Depend on us to get help when you need it.

Break-in repairs are different from regular repairs

If there is a problem with your locks or doors in the normal course, they can be repaired in the normal course. But what will you do after a break-in? Break-in repairs are different from regular repairs. You may be reluctant to spend money on repairing the broken parts completely and may try some quick fix solution. This approach is risky and will affect the security of your home. Seek the help of Cody the Loc Doc Locksmith Rancho Cordova CA who will not only repair the broken parts completely but will also ensure that your security is enhanced. Experience excellence by engaging us for doing your break-in repairs.

Want your car keys made? Get them made only by the experts

Car keys which are used more often than other keys may have to be replaced sometime due to wear and tear. Sometimes you may like to have additional keys made for your cars. Who can make the keys for your cars? The manufacturer normally does not help you in getting additional car keys made. So you have to tap some other source. If you want your car keys to be perfect, get them made by Cody the Loc Doc in Rancho Cordova CA, the experts on locks and keys. We know that key copies need to be perfect to make the locks work smoothly and have a long life.

Want your cars unlocked? Call us

Did you experience a situation of locking your car with the keys inside or losing your car keys? In such situations, you will need your cars unlocked. Unlocking a car is a job that requires a lot of skill. If this is done by amateurs, the lock may break and along with it, the door too. To avoid such situations, get your cars unlocked by people who have the skills for the job. Cody the Loc Doc in Rancho Cordova CA has been helping people solve their problems with their locks and keys. No one understands the working of locks better than us. Call us at 916-550-9559 for help.

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